Career Programs

AIIM`s flagship career program AIIM enables over thousands of learners to become the “first choice of recruiters” in the IT and non-IT domains, every year. Its unique, 12-month Professional Practice enables students to experience a live working environment.

 Technology Learning Solutions For Engineers

AIIM’s “Engineers” series helps engineering students and engineering graduates get acquainted with high-end technologies and meet requirements across their academic lifecycle.

 Networking & Infrastructure Management Programs

AIIM offers students and professionals its Global Net+ portfolio of industry-endorsed Infrastructure Management programs through hi-tech networking labs, online classrooms and V-labs. These courses provide learning on Advanced Networking Technologies, Infrastructure Management, Business Desktop Deployment, Wide Area Networking (WAN), Operating System Deployment and Support.

 Basic Computer Programs

AIIM has created IT awareness programs to equip large number of people with basic IT skills thereby bridging the digital divide. Housewives, school and college students, senior citizens can enroll for AIIM’s programs to learn the basics of computers.

 Short Term Technology Programs

Programs in Alliance with major software & technology vendors like Adobe, Microsoft leading to AIIM`s Certifications. 
           Information Technology (IT) industry can be described as an industry with a high growth potential. Now, with the addition of new segments like IT-enabled Services (ITES) and business process outsourcing (BPO), a fairly large talent pool of personal required. Hence, career opportunities are widening in the IT sector. The president of the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), Kiran Karnik, recently spoke to Education Times, in which he talked about a career in IT and its various applications as well as NASSCOM’S initiatives to improve IT Education  in the Country.

A. On Career Prospects
It was just a temporary phase. Students who will finish their IT Courses in the next six months will have a great time ahead with no hiccups, while those who graduated last year may have faced problems.
        IT offers a lot of potential apropos jobs. Besides ‘pure’ IT, jobs are available in IT applications. Here, one should know how to combine domain skills with IT skills which is wedlock of two skills, like engineering design, design and software or architecture and software among others.

B. Technical Resources

1. Faculty training (updates) is our responsibility (initial every three months then from time to time depending upon advent of new        technologies)
2. Providing the unique & famous AIIM course material (special    designed in house) l set for your library and subsequently on cost for each student. 
3. A special Virtual Gallery for students’ benefits.
4. New programs launched every year.
5. Help in developing unique programs specially looking at your regional requirements.
6. Technology updates from time to time.
7. Teaching Methodology, Tutorials, Assignments, Projects, Exam Papers.
8. Course Co-ordination & handling explanation and material.
9. Passing on Live industrial Projects for students practice (for the first year then it will be explained how to pick up live projects from the Domestic market so as to gain a strong hold in local & regional market).
10. Outline for computer, Networking & System Administration Setup.
11. Hardware & Software in details along with the Cost Exhibits.

C. Administration

1. Training Of
b. Marketing and
c. Administrative staff
Before the Centre stats both at the Head Office & Franchisee   premises.

2. Regular Staff Training at the H.O. as well as at the Center.
3. Premises set up details (Floor plan, Architectural plan, Interior etc.)
4. Help in recruitment i.e. Interviews & Final Staff selection.
5. General Administration kit for staff job roles, daily working & Reports pertaining to all areas.
6. I-Card, Certificates for various courses.
7. Franchisee Operations Manual covering the entire working of the center.
8. A unique Single Window Franchisee Support (SWFS).

D. Marketing

1. Developing a Marketing strategy & Media plan.
2. Outline and original copy of all Advertisement and Promotional Material.
3. In depth Training and guidelines for Marketing Staff at both H.O. & Franchisee Premises.
4. Know how on generating necessary tie-ups required for generating enquiries.
5. Demo and promotional material pertaining to the company & courses.
6. Brochures, Catalogue, Fliers can be procured from the H.O. on cost.
7. AIIM Realm, a magazine carrying unique points of AIIM activities is brought out every quarter.
8. We provide student material, displays & work for organizing X Factor (Annual Multimedia Exhibition).

E. Launch Set Up Support

1. A special l-week support by the Franchisee Operations manager at the start of the center to put all systems in operations.
2. Free Start up Kit.
3. Complete guidelines of Press Conference, Launch Campaign, Inauguration Kit, and Initial Seminars.